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Picture the future you've always dreamed of, a future shaped by your aspirations and NSSF savings. Your financial security is a priority, and actively monitoring and safeguarding your NSSF balance is crucial. However, what if your employer has neglected their obligations?

The NSSF Whistleblower platform provides you with the opportunity to report non-compliant employers and reclaim your hard-earned savings. Rest assured that all information you provide is held in strict confidentiality, unless you willingly choose to reveal your identity. Your financial future is too important to leave to chance. Take control with NSSF Whistleblower.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An employer who does not pay NSSF contributions for their staff.
  • An employer who deducts money from his staff salaries but does not remit to NSSF.
  • An employer who does not contribute 10% on top of the employee 5% to be remitted to NSSF.
  • An employer who does not regularly (Monthly) pay employee NSSF contributions.
  • An employer who selectively pays NSSF contributions to leave out certain staff members.
  • An employer who disguises staff under his company as part time staff with a motive of avoiding paying NSSF contributions.
  • An employer who under declares their staff gross salaries with a motive to pay less contributions for their staff.

The Whistleblowers Protection Act of 2010 protects rights for whistleblowers against retaliation for whistleblowing activities. Therefore, all whistleblowers are fully protected by the Law and by the Fund in this instance. All information provided through the whistleblower platform will be kept confidential unless you choose to disclose your identity.

  1. A complaint is submitted through the portal.
  2. NSSF reviews the details and makes consultations and investigations where there is need.
  3. NSSF then issues an Audit and/or issues a direct demand on the employer and parties involved.
  4. An agreement to settle the discrepancies is reached between NSSF and the Employer
  5. A settlement/pay plan is agreed upon.

Each whistleblowing case is unique and handled differently. Therefore, the timeline for closing the whistleblower complaints depend on several variables that come in play towards resolving a particular compliant. However, the Fund endeavors to keep to complainant updated on the status of the matter raised.

We give feedback on the progress of your compliant at every stage. The whistleblower uses the reference number they obtained at the stage of initiating a complaint to follow up on the progress of their complaint. It is as simple as visiting the portal https://whistleblower.nssfug.org/ in put your reference number to check the status.